Do you ever get mad when stupid people like me (especially my friends too) just like everything on your blog

nooo, never! D:
it is very rad, it lets me know, hey, people are here and are reading and enjoying my blog and things I post!
And it often lets me become familiar with a lot of your URLs c:


"your blush makes me blush"

will? who's will? or like, will the verb? will smith?

Will is my v close friend who is in Scotland for two years. uvu

I am still so jealous that you get to live near the city museum.

I interned at the World Aquarium (inside the city museum) during my senior year of high school! I got to go there twice a week for a whole semester!
I love the city museum a lot, it is so hella

I got ISTP on the briggs test thing, um, by any chance do you know what that is?

Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving!
read about ISTPs here!

you're in slytherin? can i get a hell yeah? harry potter question, what houses would you put jean and marco in? personally i dub marco as a hufflepuff and jean as a slytherin. i mean, marco is weet, and kind, but he's also truthful and in the beginning of snk jean wanted the easy life and was a selfish jackass but he's cunning (also headcanon that j is pureblood and m is a muggleborn) and that post about slytherins and hufflepuffs being bffs kinda sealed it for me

Yep. I headcanon Jean exactly as a Slytherin and Marco as a Hufflepuff.

My other headcanons include: Eren and Mikasa as Gryffindors (eren’s reckless bravery, and Mikasa would of course ask to get into Gryffindor to be with Eren, ntm that stunning red scarf to match), Armin is totes a Ravenclaw (some might argue he’d fit into Slytherin as well, but he’s not got the (often times)selfish ambition that is characteristic of that house. He is all about the knowledge and tactics, and is not looking to climb any ladders to greatness).
Erwin is a MEGA SLYTHERIN. Head of Slytherin house, tbh, he’s got ambition and he knows what he has to do to reach that goal.
I have a bit of trouble when it comes to Sasha and Connie, but I know for sure they’re not Ravenclaw or Slytherin. I actually think of them as straight up Gryffindors! They’ve got the goofiness that a lot of reckless Gryffindors have, but are also very brave and headstrong.

For Ymir and Christa. I believe they’d be Hufflepuffs. Christa definitely, and Ymir im not too sure about, but she fits in there better than any of the other houses I think. Because of their loyalty to their friends. And Ymir’s loyalty to Christa, and vice versa.

For Bertholdt, he is a straight up Hufflepuff, yo. He is so loyal to Reiner and Annie. He doesn’t have the strong will or fiery passion or ambition that Gryffindors and Slytherins have, and he doesn’t possess the mindset that Ravenclaws do.

Reiner strikes me as a Gryffindor. He could also be a Hufflepuff, because of his loyalty and compassion and tendency to put others first, but he is always very courageous and has a bit of a boisterous personality. Since the sorting hat always takes into account what the wearer asks, he might also end up in Hufflepuff if Bertholdt were sorted first, because of that loyalty.

Annie too. I really think she has the heart of a Hufflepuff. Loyal and caring, even if she seems very aloof and stand-offish. Our three titan shifters may very well be in Hufflepuff together. c:

Hanji. Totally a Ravenclaw. Don’t even have to ask.

I haven’t given much thought to the others, though…
Ahhh sorry for the rantiness, I am very much in love with Hogwarts houses and their values and how characters fit into those houses and Hogwarts AUs. =v=

wot if people came sulfuric acid

forget sex, send our men to war to have an intense cum battle

Ay yo Ownly, what is you favorite thing in the whole wide world?

Uh!!! I dunno! ;A;

Writing! Will! Nutella! Puppies! Children(even tho i totes knocked a small child into the ball pit at the City Museum today, but that’s what that punk gets for knocking my ball out of my hand)! Hugs and smooches! Jeanmarco!

I cannot pick my ultimate fave… ;A;

Yo Lownly your myers-briggs personality type is the one most compatible with mine. Let's get hitched.

the only ring i will say yes to.
is a chicken ring.
from White Castles.

If you're getting really tired again, you could write another exhausted fic like the receipt fic :3

NOOO I’m not that far gone!!! yet!!
I’m getting there. but I have learned from my mistakes. >:0

i got into an argument with my friend because he thought it wasn't rape if she doesn't fight back :/ i do t think thats true

ding dong! Your friend is wrong!
Consent= Yes! They are willingly saying yes!
Consent=/= they didn’t say no.

If there is no yes constantly, throughout sex, then ta da! It is rape.

Rape is literally defined as sex without consent, and consent is literally defined as willingly given permission.

Make sure to tell your friend so that he understands! Because if his partner is not giving complete, enthusiastic consent throughout. Then he is raping them.



Reformatted and reposted (with permission) from the incredible artist

Fall fashion (and a ballgown cause I ****ing love ballgowns) for the 4 houses (with movie and book colorway for Ravenclaw yer welcome). Also played around a little bit more in the second look with styles that aren’t usually associated with that house.[x]




pastel raaainnnboowww

Wish me luck lownly! I'm off to tell my parents I'm gay... Let's hope they take it well.....(I think they will c:) have a good day/night!

Good luck, friend! I am happy for you <3

just to be clear not all mpreg stuff is like a seahorse au because some men CAN physically bear children (trans men exist!) sorry if this is rude i just wanted to make sure that was clear u probably are well aware i just ;;; yeah it rubbed me the wrong way a bit is all , the tags i mean! sorry to bother you! carry on

i know about that, sorry! uhm. Just. most (actually, all, but i dont really read them, so) of the m!preg fics i’ve run into. had biologically male pregnant people. so!

but thank you for this. <3