The Psychology of Writing: Character Development and Fear



Whether it’s spiders, heights, socializing, public speaking, deep water, patterns, or even themselves, most every character you’ll ever write will face some debilitating fear or phobia. In today’s article let’s take a look at what fear is, how it differs from a phobia, and how you can best write these factors into your characters believably. We’ll be discussing:

  • What causes fear
  • Physical signs of fear
  • Internal sensations of fear
  • Mental responses to fear
  • Cues of long-term fear
  • Signs of suppressed fear

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actual conversation


actual conversation

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Melancholic illustrations for children by Japanese artist  Sleepy

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I’ve always loved this photoset. 

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A ghost story by RobinHalioua


A ghost story by RobinHalioua

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